The 99 Names of God The 99 Names of God

"And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them” (Al Araf, 7/180, Taha, 20/8; Hashr, 59/24)

"Allah has ninety-nine names and whoever knows them will go to Paradise." (Sahih Bukhari, Dawet, 68. VII, 169)

  The 99 Names of Allah  
  1. ALLAH This name comprises all his names and their meanings.
  2. Ar-Rahman The one who acts mercifully.
  3. Ar-Rahim The bestower of mercy.
  4. Al-Malik The real possessor of power, whose dominion is never to end.
  5. Al-Quddus The pure from any imperfection and deficiency.
  6. As-Salam The giver of peace.
  7. Al-Mu'min The one who arouse faith in hearts.
  8. Al-Muhaymin The guardian and overseer.
  9. Al-'Aziz The strong who is never defeated.
  10.  Al-Jabbar The one who does what he wills and is capable to.
  11.  Al-Mutakabbir The supreme being to whom supremacy belongs.
  12.  Al-Khaaliq The one who brings everything from nonexistence to existence.
  13.  Al-Baari The creator of everything properly and concordantly.
  14.  Al-Musawwir The one who forms his creators in different and special pictures.
  15.  Al-Ghaffaar The one who covers his slaves’ sins and forgives them.
  16.  Al-Qahhaar The dominant who has the perfect power over everything.
  17.  Al-Wahhaab The one who is generous in giving plenty.
  18.  Ar-Razzaaq The one who provides every creature sustenance and needs.
  19.  Al-Fattah The one who opens the closed doors and makes things easier.
  20.  Al-'Alim The one who knows every little thing about everything everlastingly.
  21.  Al-Qaabid The one who withhold and constrict what he wills.
  22.  Al-Baasit The one who expands and widens what he wills.
  23.  Al-Khaafid The one who lowers.
  24.  Ar-Raafi' The one who raises.
  25.  Al-Mu'izz The one who gives esteem.
  26.  Al-Mudhill The one who degrades and humiliates.
  27.  As-Sami The one who hears everything.
  28.  Al-Basir The one who sees everything.
  29.  Al-Hakam The one who judges with wisdom and justice in all matters.
  30.  Al-'Adl The extremely just one.
  31.  Al-Lateef The one who knows all things, subtle and hidden.
  32.  Al-Khabeer The one who knows the truth of everything.
  33.  Al-Halim The kind and patient.
  34.  Al-'Adzheem The great and mighty.
  35.  Al-Ghafuur The forgiving who forgives a lot.
  36.  Ash-Shakuur The one who gives excessive reward for the good things done for his sake.
  37.  Al-'Ali The sublime and most high one.
  38.  Al-Kabeer The one whose greatness has no limit.
  39.  Al-Hafidh The one who records all deeds in detail.
  40.  Al-Muqit The one who gives sustenance to all creators.
  41.  Al-Haseeb The one who takes account of people’s actions.
  42.  Al-Jaleel The one who is attributed with greatness and glory.
  43.  Al-Kareem The generous and forgiving.
  44.  Ar-Raqeeb The one who observes everything.
  45.  Al-Mujeeb The one who answers prayers and needs.
  46.  Al-Waasi The beneficent and embracing.
  47.  Al-Hakim The wise in his orders, words and all matters.
  48.  Al-Waduud The one who loves his good slaves and his good slaves love him.
  49.  Al-Majeed The glorious with high status.
  50.  Al-Ba'ith The one who resurrects the dead ones.
  51.  Ash-Shaheed The one who is present all times in all places.
  52.  Al-Haqq The one who truly and invariably exists.
  53.  Al-Wakeel The one who handles and straightens the matters of those relied upon him.
  54.  Al-Qawi The strong and powerful.
  55.  Al-Mateen The firm one.
  56.  Al-Wali The protecting friend of his good slaves and believers.
  57.  Al-Hameed The praised one who totally deserves to be praised.
  58.  Al-Muhsi The one who knows the count of everything without any exceptions.
  59.  Al-Mubdi The one who created all creators at the beginning from nothing.
  60.  Al-Mu'id The one who brings back the creatures after death.
  61.  Al-Muhyi The giver of life and health, the restorer and the forgiving.
  62.  Al-Mumeet The creator of death and the one who take lives.
  63.  Al-Hayy The eternally, perfectly and completely living one.
  64.  Al-Qayyuum The holder of the skies, the earth and everything.
  65.  Al-Waajid The one who creates what he wills at any time.
  66.  Al-Maajid The glorious and generous.
  67.  Al-Waahid The one without a partner.
  68.  As-Samad The only one to rely upon and revert to.
  69.  Al-Qaadir The capable one to do what he wills.
  70.  Al-Muqtadir The one who has power over the strong and capable ones.
  71.  Al-Muqaddim The one who makes ahead what he wills.
  72.  Al-Muakhkhir The one who delays what he wills.
  73.  Al-Awwal The first one whose existence is without a beginning.
  74.  Al-Akhir The last one whose existence is without an end.
  75.  Adh-Dhahir The manifest.
  76.  Al-Batin The hidden.
  77.  Al-Wali The only one who manages everything.
  78.  Al-Muta'ali The high exalted who is clear from the attributes of the creation.
  79.  Al-Barr The one whose goodness, kindness and blessings are given generously to his slaves.
  80.  At-Tawwab The one who accepts repentance.
  81.  Al-Muntaqim The one who avenges and punishes sinners justly.
  82.  Al-'Afuw The one with wide forgiveness and mercy.
  83.  Ar-Ra'uf The kind, compassionate and merciful.
  84.  Malik-ul-Mulk The one whose dominion is never to end.
  85.  Dhul Jalali wal Ikram The possessor of majesty and grace.
  86.  Al-Muqsit The one who handles everything equally and properly.
  87.  Aj-Jami' The one who gathers what he wills when he will where he wills.
  88.  Al-Ghani The wealthiest.
  89.  Al-Mughni The one who enriches whoever he willed.
  90.  Al-Mani' The one who prevents some things from happening.
  91.  Ad-Darr The one who makes harm and pain reach whomever he willed.
  92.  An-Nafi' The one who creates benefits and favor.
  93.  An-Nur The one who lightens the world.
  94.  Al-Hadi The one who guides to the truth and the right path.
  95.  Al-Badi' The one who creates the astonishing creation without any preceding examples.
  96.  Al-Baqi The everlasting one that the state of non-existence is impossible for him.
  97.  Al-Warith The real possessor of all possessions.
  98.  Ar-Rashid The one who guides all matters to the written end in order and wisdom.
  99.  As-Sabuur The one who is very patient.
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